Công ty Koyu & Unitek NHẬT BẢN ( 99 POURTRY )

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In 2003, a poultry influenza heavily outbroke in Asia, then widely spreaded. Also. Vietnam did not overcome its heavy influence. Actually, this was a great difficulty for the business, production and processing in the field of poultry in Vietnam.

The key to the real situation at that time was sanitation and food safety must be rigorously controlled from the input raw material until the products come to consumers' hand.

Because of understanding those problems as well as prospects of Vietnam's market, so we, the KOYU & UNITEK Group spent more time for research, to find out more about this field in Vietnam and being aware that, the Poultry products had much potential for market development in Vietnam. However, the trading companies in the field of poultry in Vietnam at that time was still limited by processing technologies and preserving of poultry in accordance with processes and technical standards in production .

So we decided to invest in Vietnam with the initial goal is to optimize the process of poultry slaughtering, ensure strict implementation of processes and standardization of production stages, to create fresh, clean poultry products with hygienic standards of food safety to satisfy with demand in fresh chicken meat with high quality and create high-ranking materials for products made from chicken meat into valued products, produced from KOYU & UNITEK poultry processing plant, with sufficient capacity to meet  consumption demand for domestic and foreign markets.

In 2006: KOYU & UNITEK Company was established in Vietnam 

Factory in Viet Nam

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On June 30th, 2006, KOYU & UNITEK officially inaugurated its slaughtering and processing plant  located in Loteco Industrial Park, Dong Nai.

With the area of its factory and workshop is 25,000 m2, the plant of Vietnam KOYU & UNITEKis equipped with the most modern and close production lines imported from Europe, also be the production line applied the leading production technology  in South-East Asia. This is equipment installed firstly in the industry of poultry slaughtering, which is certified with HACCP, ISO 9001 and meets the standards of the Food Hygiene Safety in Vietnam.

2015: Unitek Enterprise officially merged with the group Koyu Shokucho to create a closed line to provide clean poultry market.

Công ty Koyu & Unitek NHẬT BẢN ( 99 POURTRY )


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